Development Process Micro Pilot Test 

To test the working hypothesis and the viability of our product we conducted a Micro Pilot test to the value of the hypothesis prior to investing in development costs. Our test matched musicians with engineers in an effort to find a good collaborative fit. 

A Micro Pilot is a quick, inexpensive experiment that allows us to validate ideas and business models with real consumer behavior. Every Micro Pilot is custom-built to test a very specific hypothesis. It is a fast and efficient way to pressure-test crucial elements of a new offering—typically the most risky and uncertain elements—before committing to a bigger investment.  -Gravity Tank


  1. Sourced unmixed tracks from artists 
  2. Distributed tracks to 3 audio engineer
  3. Received 3 mixed tracks back from engineers 
  4. Played mixed tracks for musicians (video right) 
  5. Musicians choose the engineer they prefer to work with



After the musicians selected their preferred engineer to work with from the mixes heard we interviewed both the musicians and the engineers about their experience and the desirability of our product. See video's below